The Lotus Story

The lotus flower begins its lifespan far away from the sun’s rays, buried deep in dirt and sediment at the bottom of still water bodies. The lotus plant uses this dirt and debris as nourishment, growing up through murky waters on a long stem towards the sun to bloom on the surface of the water. A perennial flower, the lotus continues to blossom year after year. Even when germinated, the lotus plant demonstrates amazing resilience and capacity to bounce back. In fact, a lotus flower has been successfully grown from a seed that is thought to be over 1,000 years old! The lotus flower is symbolically significant throughout Asia and was even revered by Ancient Egyptians. A traditional belief is that the muddier and murkier the water is, the more beautiful the lotus flower is when it eventually blooms.

The lotus flower is symbolic of the challenges we face in life and how we grow and evolve as a result of hardship. We too have our own metaphorical mud and dirt which can fertilise and grow our journey through life with the right tools and strategies. We too have untapped reserves of resilience and strength waiting to bloom. The premise of Lotus Psychology Perth is to connect every individual with their inner capacity to be their best version of self. Every client is uniquely supported to navigate a journey of growth, healing, and self-development.